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For several years I’ve had problems with arthritis in my thumb which made it difficult to write, open jars, hold a paint brush and other tasks that require gripping with my thumb.  I worked around not being able to have full use of my thumb until I developed tendonitis from my thumb to my shoulder and stopped being able to sleep on my side because of the pain.  My doctor suggested cortisone shots.  
Cindy Bryan and Bowen therapy was recommended by a friend and the therapy worked.  Initially, I had three sessions one week apart and then I moved to every three weeks.  I can still feel some pain in my thumb but it’s almost fully functional now.  The tendonitis is much better and I’m able to sleep through the night without waking up from the pain.

Kendra O.

Cindy is incredible and has relieved so much of my chronic shoulder and hip/leg pain.  After the very first therapy, my shoulder pain seems to be gone and I have freer movement in my shoulder.  I could not even take my jacket off properly because of the pain. Then I came home and was able to take my jacket off normally and without pain.  I had gotten so used to the pain and taking my jacket off inside-out, that when I did it normally it was a surprise.  The pain relief has been amazing.  I can reach for things with my left arm now too, shampoo my hair using my left arm without pain.  My leg is nearly pain-free too so I am able to get back out and exercise without the fear of my leg giving out.  This is an exciting solution to chronic pain that is definitely worth trying before resorting to a more invasive medical route.  Cindy is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and I highly recommend her.  Thank you Cindy!


I have had severe pain at my left shoulder blade that was making my arm go numb. I went to my doctor and he thought my pain was actually from my neck and had me take a pain reliever. I was taking a pain reliever 4 times a day and it was not helping. I was getting desperate for some relief. A co-worker told me about Bowen Therapy and I went on the internet to learn about Bowen and found Cindy. After the first session, I felt like a new person. I didn’t need any pain reliever from that point on. I went for 3 more sessions and have continued to be pain free. I am now going to Cindy for maintenance treatments. I am a true believer in this type of therapy and would recommend it to anyone with any kind of pain or injury. Thanks Cindy!


I have had a painful “knot” in my upper shoulder blade area for more than 8 years. I have spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic adjustments 1 or 2 times a week, weekly massages and furniture and chairs to make my work space as ergonomic as possible -all to no avail- the knot and pain just continued. After a chance meeting with Cindy, I asked her if she could help. She has! After only 3 sessions with Cindy I finally got relief. After about 8 sessions I was knot and pain free for long periods of time. Every once in a while it comes back but with the Bowen Therapy it doesn’t stick around for long! Thank you Cindy!!


I’ve had Sjogren’s Syndrome for several years. This is a systemic disease that can involve many organs in the body. My symptoms are dry eyes, mouth and nose. For years I’ve used eye drops, nose spray and dry mouth spray every night before going to bed. Sometimes I would wake up during the night and have to use the mouth spray. Since using the Bowen Therapy (only about 5 or 6 treatments) I rarely have any of the problems anymore. What a Blessing! Thank you, Cindy!


Before I started seeing Cindy for Bowen Therapy, I suffered everyday from chronic neck and back pain due to a car and a motorcycle accident. I tried everything from medication to physical therapy.  Bowen Therapy has helped my body and mind more than anything. I am so thankful to have met her and been introduced to Cindy. It’s a life changer. I’m a believer!!!

Troy D.

I have been suffering with chronic TMJ pain and taking pain medication multiple times a day for at least 8 years.  I started seeing Cindy for Bowen Therapy about 6 months ago.  I am almost weaned off of the pain medication and only feel tightness periodically.  I am an absolute believer in Cindy and her abilities.  I feel like a new person.

Jessica L.

Cindy has been my Bowen Therapist for several years. When I first went to her, I could barely walk. Three sessions and I was back studying karate. She was also my choice of therapist after a minor motorcycle accident.


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Every session I have had with Cindy has been deeply restorative. Her healing hands amplify whatever technique she is using, and she is accomplished at each one. Cindy is a gifted professional who brings a lot of training, study, and experience to her bodywork. She is very precise and focused in whatever modality she employs, but really, it is her incredible healing touch that empowers her work and creates a profound experience. Cindy is genuinely interested in the well-being of her clients. Don’t miss the chance to book a session with her!

Lori, CMT, CBT

I was having pain in my elbows for about 8 months and I was hoping to get some relief from the constant aching and sometimes sharp pains I was experiencing.  The pain was causing me to alter how I picked up my 3 1/2 year old daughter and took me out of most upper body workouts at the gym.
My mom had been going to Cindy for a while and I decided to give her a try.  I had been to other Bowen Therapists before and after my first appointment with Cindy I knew I had seen the best! 
Cindy is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to know you, your lifestyle, and all the little aches and pains you might not even realize you have.  After just one appointment with Cindy I was feeling so much better, after just a few appointments my elbows are back to normal!  
I have referred many friends to Cindy for various aches and pains and they are all impressed with her, the treatment they receive, and how good their bodies feel after a Bowen session.  
She treats your whole body, focusing on your trouble areas.  When you leave an appointment with Cindy you feel relaxed, balanced, recharged, and can feel your body correcting and re-centering itself.  You will not be disappointed making an appointment with Cindy!

M J.

Granite Bay, CA

I went to Cindy after suffering a MCL sprain to my left knee.  In the initial exam by a specialist  I was told I would need 30+ days to begin walking normally.  After going to Cindy for just a week (two sessions) I was already feeling much better and able to put full weight on my knee without suffering extreme pain as before.  The results speak for themselves and the other reviews here show Cindy has something special going here.  If you want to improve your health I could not recommend Cindy more highly!

Lisa R.

Sacramento, CA

After being in a car accident I was in a lot of pain. The range of motion in my neck was very limited and my neck would crack without me trying to crack it.(embarrassing) 
After my first session with Cindy I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t notice much of a change in my pain. After my 2nd session I noticed less pain and cracking. After my 3rd session I noticed a dramatic difference. My pain was almost gone. My range of motion was near 100% and the best part was my neck no longer caused me cracking and popping embarrassment!!! 

Lisa S.

Irvine, CA

I have been receiving massage regularly over the years and after finding Cindy, she is the only therapist I will go to now. She really listens and gives the best massage I have ever had. During every session she uses just the right technique and pressure to ensure a very relaxing and healing treatment.

Tom, Auburn

Cindy and Bowen Therapy have improved my quality of life. I have had TMJ pain for years and take pain medication daily which only relieves some of the pain. In just a few sessions with Cindy I have seen amazing improvement and I am weaning off medication. Amazing. I never thought I would be at this point.

Missi, Auburn

I’m so thankful for Cindy’s expertise and talent. She gave me exercises and instructions on what to do after each session. I love how I feel and am on a maintenance program to keep my body in balance. If you’re in pain, definitely give Cindy 3 sessions to get your body balanced before you decide if Bowen is right for you. I highly recommend her! I thank her for changing my life! 🙂

Corry M.

Roseville, CA

I injured my shoulder/rotator cuff during a weightlifting class at Crossfit.  It was extremely painful and the restricted range of motion kept me from being able to do anything that required lifting my arms overhead.  One of my coaches suggested Bowen therapy to me.  I had never heard of it and was pretty skeptical after watching a video on it.  But after a month of no improvement I figured what did I have to lose.  I called Cindy and decided to commit to 3 sessions.  I was even more skeptical after my first session.  It seemed pretty crazy to think that the few movements she did on me could actually do anything.  I had read reviews about how great people felt after their first session.  My experience was a little different.  I felt terrible!  My injury felt like it did on day one.  I felt awful for most of the first week but decided to continue with the next session.  I’m so glad I did!  I noticed a significant improvement in my shoulder pain immediately following my second session.  I just went for my third last week and barely have any pain at all now. I was finally able to resume overhead activities in my workout today and felt great!  As a side note, I have suffered from carpal tunnel symptoms nightly for the last two years.  It never even occurred to me that Bowen could help with that as well but it has improved drastically!  Would highly recommend Cindy.  She took the time to talk with me in depth about my shoulder and other problem areas and really focussed her energies on them. You can tell that she really cares about helping her clients feel better. Thank you Cindy!!!

Linda A.

Rocklin, CA

Cindy is amazing and the Bowen therapy was just what I needed. I have tried chiropractic and massage, but nothing has worked like the Bowen therapy in relieving and healing body aches, pulled muscles and tightness. In addition, I have never experienced relaxation in this way. I didn’t even realize the benefits I would get when I came to Cindy. I thought I’d be getting relief, but this took it to an entirely different level.

Missi V.

Auburn, CA

I am a Registered Nurse and have had acute and chronic pain for decades. After the very first session I experienced immediate and long term relief not only from physical pain but the emotional stress that goes with it. I remained nearly pain free for over two weeks which for me is unheard of. I’m so impressed that this  treatment works with no negative side effects. Cindy is very talented at what she does and I highly recommend her.

Jessica L'Estrange RN

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